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In many parts of the world, wearing a facemask is no longer a suggestion, it is a requirement. It typically involves a nonmedical facemask, because medical masks are being reserved for those who are on the front lines fighting the pandemic.

Since face masks are in short supply and people need something to do during the global shutdown, they have now resorted to making their own facemasks. It’s a great option if you have the time and some extra fabric. Unfortunately, some of the DIY options are not always the easiest, but there is one that doesn’t involve sewing at all.

Photo: YouTube/DIY Anna

You might wonder where you will find the fabric but just cutting up an old T-shirt or a sheet would be fine. There is also a way to make a facemask in only 60 seconds and you don’t need any fabric to get started. All you need is a napkin!

As you can imagine, this is not a reusable or washable facemask. It is for one-time use only, but it will do in a pinch.

Watch the video below to see how to do it for yourself.

A retired firefighter even endorsed this video in the comments, saying:

“I’m a retired paramedic. Actually a firefighter paramedic. I worked in San Francisco. I’ve been exposed to God knows what. When I started years ago, we didn’t wear anything -no gloves,masks-nothing. But I digress. I just wanted to tell the girl in this video that I think it’s great you’re trying to help people out…There certainly not medical grade and they’re not meant to be worn for a consecutive period of time, but if you have to have a mask and you don’t have anything, in a pinch for running to the Store this is fine. We can’t even get masks for our hospital workers or first responders so people need to get it in their head that they are not going to get one. You definitely could add more protection to it, but I really appreciate you taking the time to show people they can do something. I’ve stated this before, ANYTHING you can do to help protect yourself is better than nothing! (Along with social distancing of course!)Be well.”