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Summertime is upon us and summer is the season of tie-dye. These shirts just hit different during this time of year, don’t they?

Now, helpful materials artist Mariah English of Riah’s Tie Dye is here to provide us with this awesome tutorial. If you have ever wanted to create a tie-dye shirt with the beach ball spiral design, this is your perfect chance to learn more.

Photo: YouTube/Riahs Tie Dye

This is how you successfully apply liquid dye onto the white t-shirt of your choice, while successfully maintaining a beach ball pattern. If you follow her instructions to the letter, you are able to enjoy the colorful wide spiral that you have always wanted.

“In this step by step tie dye tutorial video I demonstrate how to tie dye a Beach Ball spiral t-shirt using the liquid tie dye method,” she explains in the video’s description.

Photo: YouTube/Riahs Tie Dye

English is more than happy to provide various tutorials as well. We have already learned so much from her and we cannot wait to give her methods a try. It is easy to tell that she is well experienced in this regard but she has a great way of explaining each and every step.

After all, each material has to be handled in a different way. There are some that come with their own specific designs and others that have more creative free-form designs.

Photo: YouTube/Riahs Tie Dye

Anyone who is looking to add some tie-dye to their daily wardrobe will definitely benefit from all of the excellent advice that English has to offer.

Check out her beach ball spiral design tutorial below!