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IKEA furniture is great because it’s affordable, but sometimes, some of their pieces can be a little generic. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it just means that there are times when a little DIY creativity is needed to put your stamp on something.

With summer here, many of us are probably looking forward to things like barbecues or cocktails in the garden. Of course, this is all COVID-permitting. But with many countries easing their restrictions we live in hope.


But what every socially-distant, responsible outdoor gather needs is a drinks trolly. However, some of these little bar carts can get quite pricey.

But that is where IKEA comes to the rescue. You can easily customize your very own bar cart using items from IKEA, all you need is their IKEA changing table, a reflective mirror panel, and paint of your choice, and voila!

Photo: YouTube/Miss Kris
Photo: YouTube/Miss Kris

Of course, if you’re not entirely sure where to start, there is a very helpful video from YouTuber, Miss Kris, which shows how to turn a changing table into a fresh new piece that will be the envy of your friends.

Once it’s complete, you can decorate it with cute bar accessories like a cocktail shaker, a champagne bottle, and straws. Even some champagne glasses and napkins or fruit in a pretty bowl can add a personalized and pretty touch to the look.

Photo: YouTube/Miss Kris

Check it out in the clip below:

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