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If you have dreamed of having access to the finest of dining, while spending time at the edge of space, this is your perfect chance to do so. The tickets for these voyages can be purchased from a tourism company.

French company Zephalto is the one delivering this unique experience, which will take place in a luxury hot air balloon.

Photo: YouTube/Zephalto

The stratospheric balloon is going to have a pressurized capsule attached to it, which sounds wild to anyone who has never taken a trip like this before. We are assured that it is totally safe, at least. The gourmands who will be present are very brave.

Once you have reached space’s edge, you will have the chance to dine on a three star Michelin meal. Zephalto is providing access to a low carbon luxury air balloon named Céleste. The balloon provides enough space for six passengers and two pilots. According to the company’s website, the voyage will take six hours. It will be available to guests at the end of 2024.

Photo: YouTube/Zephalto

According to the company, this is the experience of a lifetime and we cannot say that we blame them there. We have never heard of anything like this before. Bottomless champagne is also going to be served. Imagine having the chance to get a bit tipsy while you are hanging out at an elevation of 80,000 feet!

The entire trip will cost $131,100, and if you would like to book your spot, you must put down a deposit of $10,900.

Photo: YouTube/Zephalto

The balloon departs from France and three hours of the six hour voyage are going to be spent at cruising altitude. Maximum altitude is reached within an hour and a half. The chef’s identity has yet to be announced but every guest will have the chance to customize the menu to their personal specifications and dietary restrictions.

French architect Joseph Dirand is the one who is responsible for the Céleste design. It’ll be interesting to see what the guests think of the luxurious experience!