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Loading the dishwasher is a no-brainer for most people but if you’ve never done it before, would you know how to do it? Even if you load the dishwasher on a regular basis, it’s always interesting to see how someone else does it. You never know when you’re going to learn something that will change the way you do it!

Sometimes, there are people within the house that don’t necessarily have what it takes to load the dishwasher, or so it would seem. Teenagers often want to do anything other than housework, and playing computer games or watching TV is always going to be higher on the list then loading dishes in the machine. It can really make it difficult for the entire family when the plates, glasses, and silverware start to stack up.

That is where Will Read comes in. He is a father that has two teenage children and he was tired of them not helping around the house. He decided to create some instructional videos to help his teenagers, as well as all other teenagers on how to do things when they really don’t have a clue how to do it.

Photo: YouTube / Will Reid

For example, he created an instructional video on how to change the toilet paper roll. It is his “Teenage Instructional Video #1.” Since being uploaded in 2014, it has almost 4,700,000 views! The second video that he created was on “Dishwasher Loading.”

Admittedly, it was done tongue-in-cheek in order to get his children motivated enough to do something around the home. In reality, it is a video that may actually teach you something. See it for yourself below:

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