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5. Omelettes

Omelettes form a thin layer of egg against the cooking surface, and ingredients such as cheese or veggies are folded in. They begin similarly to scrambled eggs, but you do not stir them in the pan. Let the mixture cook for about four minutes on low heat before folding it over.

6. Sunny Side Up

Make classic sunny side up eggs by cracking your egg directly onto a hot cooking surface. Cook it until the egg white is firm and allow the center yolk to remain soft.

7. Over Easy

Create eggs over easy by flipping over a sunny side up egg. Cook the top side of the egg just long enough to form a white layer on top. The yolk should still be runny.

8. Over Medium

Over medium eggs are cooked nearly the same as over easy. Fry these eggs just a little longer so the yolk is mostly firm and the whites covering the yolk are cooked through.

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