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Timothy Burke is the Florida-based journalist who brought attention to a Craiglist listing and made it go viral. Once you see the ad for yourself, you’ll understand why.

The Craigslist ad was for a free piano, but there was one little detail that made people lose it.

Photo: Picryl/Metropolitan Museum of Art

“I’m sorry what,” Burke said.

The piano is listed as “not haunted,” which is an odd detail to include. “Not possessed or haunted in any way. Please take this out of my home,” the ad reads. What a weird way to go about this!

If the piano is not haunted, why would you even need to be mentioning this in your ad? It’s one of those things that it seems like you have something to hide. Imagine how you would feel if you went to buy a car and the ad said that they definitely did not roll the odometer back before showing it to you.

The listing is chock full of hysterical claims, so it is well worth reading on your own. They also claimed that the piano is not a player piano because it is unable to play itself. This is one listing that we will not be able to forget anytime soon.

We have a theory as to why they have chosen this type of ad. It is incredibly expensive to move a piano out of a home if no one is willing to buy it. This ad is sure to draw in a lot of interested buyers because they know deep down that a free piano does not come along every day. Hopefully, we get a part two to this story, where we get to find out where this piano ended up.

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