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Courteney Cox has been there for us for some time now and we love her social media presence. It is always nice to see a big star who does not take themselves too seriously.

She might be 58 but she is bound and determined not to age out of being fashionable. That’s what makes this video such a hilarious watch. The actress is browsing Pinterest when she had an idea.

Photo: Instagram/@courteneycoxofficial

“Look at these Gen-Z girls. So cute. I wanna do that,” she says in the clip, as she looks through all of the photos that Pinterest has to offer.

From there, we get to see her breaking out a trendy outfit and she even picks a great song to have playing in the background. Cox is slaying the Gen Z girls, with Sam Smith’s “Unholy” as her background jam.

Photo: Instagram/@courteneycoxofficial

Her attention to detail is absolutely awesome, as she uses fox eye eyeliner and even puts her hair in bubble braid pigtails. She even remembers to use the face-framing tendrils. The outfit says it all. She’s got on a crochet crop top. The mock neckline is a great touch and there are also several cutouts. The low-rise jeans go perfectly with the top and it is all topped off with a tie-dyed hoodie.

“Am I slaying this right?” she asks in the caption. We are going to go ahead and say yes to that.

Photo: Instagram/@courteneycoxofficial

The selfies that she started to snap were too funny as well. She throws up the peace sign and sticks her tongue out. Once the clip comes to an end, it seems as if the fun is over. You can hear the voice of a man off camera asking “Court?” and we cannot stop laughing.

We would have to presume that this is her longtime boyfriend, Johnny McDaid. For those who are not aware, he is quite the big name in the music world, as he plays with the band Snow Patrol. “Oh s—, he’s home,” Cox says, before sprinting away.

It’s one of the funniest clips that we have seen in some time and we hope that she continues to slay.