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Are you ready for pumpkin spice season? Well, the OG that started it all, pumpkin pie, is back in a BIG way.

Costco shoppers and food blog @costcobuys have spotted the 4-pound pumpkin pie in stores.

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Fall is coming, and with it brings cool air, changing leaves, and my absolute favorite pumpkin pie from Costco! 😂😍 I seriously can never get enough of this pie, especially with its flaky crust and delicious taste 😋🥧 ($5.99)

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The 4-pound pie measures a foot in diameter and will feed your entire Thanksgiving crew—and then some.

Our favorite part about this holiday classic is the fact that you can get it for between $6-$8 dollars depending on your Costco’s location.

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It’s the mooossst wonderfuuull tiiiiime of the YEAR! Are you a pumpkin pie fan? The best part was my kids texting to ask if they had it in stock…and making them think I forgot to check…. parenting can be so fun 😉 pumpkinpie #pumpkinpiedreams #costco #costcopumpkinpie #bought2 #two #bestever #breakfast #dessert #allthegoodthings #blessed #GodblessCostco

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There are “technically” 12 servings per container, but I think it could feed an entire army.

According to The Costco Connection, the pie dough is made in-house and they make at least 10,000 pies—just in the five days leading up to Thanksgiving.

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🥧The classic #pumpkinpie is back and this is when my diet goes out the door! This #pie is sooo good and only $5.99!! Our #holiday go to for #dessert! And it’s massive!!! #costcodeals #costco #pumpkin #desserts

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I don’t know about you, but I am on my way to Costco to grab one of these bad boys!

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