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While most people would probably not have this sort of thought normally, we have certain views about volcanoes that we have to share. For example, we cannot be the only ones who sit around and fantasize about cooking with lava. Do not judge us, okay! However, our fantasies are now even closer to becoming realities. A few intrepid scientists have decided to do some very important research.

These scientists decided to study the Geldingardalsgos volcano in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland. Once the lava started rolling down the hill, they prepared to cook. They brought hot dogs and matching buns for the occasion. If you are anything like us, this is the exact moment that you have always been waiting for. To be honest, we would have grilled burgers instead, but to each their own, right?

Photo: YouTube/Reuters

Do not worry about the scientists, either. The brave souls were not taking as big of a risk as some might have thought. This volcano, which began to erupt last week, is on the smaller side and it is considered to be safe for an approach. Of course, you still need to proceed with some level of caution but that should always go without saying.

The volcano had been dormant for 6,000 years, so these scientists were getting access to the freshest lava possible. Okay, that’s probably not really a thing but indulge us here a little. It’s not every day that you get to watch someone act out your most bizarre fantasy.

Photo: YouTube/Reuters

“Scientists at the foot of a volcano in Iceland used its lava as a giant grill to cook sausages as they studied the eruption,” reads the caption from Reuters Science News.

Judging from the posts that we saw on our Instagram feed about these scientists, we are not the only ones who have wondered about the feasibility of cooking with lava. Think about it in the most logical way possible: it’s nature’s version of a grill! What could be better than a grill that does not require any additional work from us?

Watch the neat video below:

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