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There’s little better than walking into a home and smelling fresh coffee.

The smell is just so alluring, rich, and sweet, especially if it’s paired with a slight hint of vanilla.

Photo: Unsplash

While most people simply dream of having their homes smell like their favorite coffee shop, one TikTok account actually shared a DIY candle hack that brings that dream to reality!

TikTok user @apieceofmyglamhouse shared that all you need to do to get your house smelling like fresh vanilla coffee is grab some coffee beans and some candle holders.

Photo: TikTok/apieceofmyglamhome

From there, fill the candle holders with the coffee beans and nestle a few vanilla-scented candles into the top layer of the beans.

As they explained, when the candles are lit, the heat from them helps warm up the coffee beans and they release their alluring fragrance.

Photo: TikTok/apieceofmyglamhome

It sounds lovely!

Watch the hack in action in the video below:


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