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This woman really loves her boyfriend, that is for sure. Chloe Durns transformed an unlikely area of her home and she has captured the attention of TikTok in the process.

What started as an empty cupboard beneath the staircase has since been transformed into something totally different. You won’t be able to believe your eyes when you see the before and after, we guarantee it.

Photo: TikTok/chloedurnsx

The cupboard was totally bare when she got started but it did not take long before she was able to turn it into a gamer’s paradise. “I surprised my boyfriend with a gaming room under the stairs for his birthday,” she writes and this is the understatement of the year. The newly renovated is a sight for sore eyes, with red LED lights and black walls.

The desk and gaming chair are nice touches as well. What a sweet girlfriend she is. She’s a true keeper who went all out. This was not all, either. In addition to the lights, chair and desk, she even added a series of Spider-Man photos to the walls. Brandon, Chloe’s boyfriend, was beyond appreciative and he was sure to let her know about it.

Photo: TikTok/chloedurnsx

“Best birthday gift ever,” he wrote in the comments. The love heart emojis that she replied with say it all, don’t they? Of course, Chloe may have had an ulterior motive. This just so happens to be a great way to get him out of the way. She is no longer forced to share her television with the gaming boyfriend, which is something that the commentators were more than happy to point out.

“Might get a lock on the door ahahha,” she replied to someone who made this suggestion. Maybe she is more nefarious than we could have thought!

Photo: Pixabay/11333328

This is quite the diabolical plan that she has concocted. Meanwhile, there are others who made the very obvious suggestion that she was trying to recreate the tiny bedroom that our favorite teen wizard Harry Potter once slept in.

This room is a bit better than Harry’s but we totally understand the comparison. This boyfriend had better start shopping for Chloe’s birthday gift now. He’s got a very tough act to follow.


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