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Toilets are not a typical family dinner conversation topic. It’s easy to see why they are not a popular conversation piece, but some things are worth discussing.

According to a report from Today, anything that has been deposited into the toilet is sent on a journey down the sewer pipes. We all knew that already. Unfortunately, “toilet plume” is also released into the air when the toilet is flushed without the lid being closed. It’s a spray that is chock full of microscopic bacteria, which can even include little specks of E.coli.

Photo: Pixabay

Researches believe that this bacteria will linger in the bathroom for at least six hours after the toilet has been flushed, giving the bacteria plenty of time to contaminate the bathroom and cause a host of long and short term issues.

If you would like to keep your towels, beauty supplies, and sink clean, there is one simple task that needs to be carried out: Put the lid down. By taking the time to close the lid before the toilet is flushed, you are keeping the toilet plume from having a chance to circulate. This also keeps your bathroom surfaces from becoming contaminated.

Let’s say you are using a public restroom, though. You’re a brave soul for even considering it. Take the time to lean away from the toilet while flushing, so that you are able to stand clear of the flume. Once you are done in the public bathroom, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you are washing your hands as thoroughly as possible.

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