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We all would like to think of ourselves as having a clean home to live in but sometimes, life can get in the way. Unfortunately, we have so much to do daily, this is an activity that ends up being put off until the very last second.

If you are someone that falls into this category, do not fret. According to this research, you are most certainly not alone.

Photo: Pexels/Monica Silvestre

According to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of affresh Appliance Care, one out of every six Americans is failing to clean their home on a monthly basis, which sounds shocking until you really stop to think about it.

According to SWNS Digital, this survey, which polled 2,000 Americans, comes with some very interesting findings. Half of the respondents claimed that they have gone at least a month without cleaning their homes. Meanwhile, 10% of the respondents said that they had gone at least six months without cleaning.

Photo: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

On the bright side, 68% of those surveyed said that they had established a cleaning routine within six months of moving into their homes. 16% said that they did not have a routine at all. As for a “light cleaning” of the home, respondents claimed that they needed about two hours to complete these tasks, on average.

As for a “deep cleaning”? Those take about five hours apiece, according to the poll. This includes the washing of windows and the cleaning of major appliances. 40 percent claimed that they are only handling the deep cleaning of their homes twice a year and in many cases, less often than that. Parents are sure to enjoy this next piece of information, by the way.

Photo: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

39% of those who responded to the poll said that they wished that they had paid closer attention to what their parents had to say about the cleaning process. These folks have still come a long way, though. 59% claimed that their cleaning skills were above average when they were living with their folks, while 74% say the same about their cleaning proficiency in the present day.

Yahoo!entertainment reports that some respondents even shared tips. While some say it is best to “do one room at a time, then move on,” others claim that they require “a cleaning schedule for specific things that get cleaned daily.” The truly ambitious soul claim that they tackle “the hardest job first, then it seems to go easier.”