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Now that Chrissy Teigen has officially retired from the world of Twitter, she will be taking her many talents to Instagram. To be honest, her Instagram page has always been more fun to us anyway, like how she includes fun videos of her acting roles.

The mushroom costume that she broke out is too funny! This is one woman who knows how to laugh at herself at all times and we love her for that. In a video she shared to Instagram, the star wore a massive mushroom cap hat that was tied on with ribbons. She paired the hat with a long sleeve beige dress and put two spots of bright pink blush on her already rosy cheeks.

Photo: Instagram/chrissyteigen

Even when she is dressed as a mushroom, this woman still has a certain glow to her. We wish that we could always look this nice! The funniest part of all is that she offered absolutely no context for the costume at all. No context, no explanation, no backstory, just vibes.

Photo: Instagram/chrissyteigen

“No, that’s not it either,” Teigen tells the imaginary audience. “Well, I guess I do spend time in stinky dirt, but that dirt is full of nutrients!” she laughs.

Photo: Instagram/chrissyteigen

She’s clearly very confident in the performance, as she tagged the Emmys in her post. We sure do hope that she gets her nomination!

Some might be wondering where John was at while all of this was going down. Chrissy shared that John has a role in this production as well, and he gets to play the king of all music. It is safe to say that he got the better side of this deal but she’s still having a good time regardless. We can’t wait to see what they have cooked up together!

Watch the video below:

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