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If you are bored with your current ‘do and you are looking to switch things up a bit, this is the perfect chance to do so.

The recent reemergence of chin bangs has been a game changer and we cannot wait to see if our friends and loved ones are willing to adopt this one. While the name might come across as a bit silly, there is nothing silly about the hairstyle itself, trust us.


Yes, there are some who may not want to try this one out during the summertime. After all, this is a hairstyle that is probably more geared towards the cold weather months. Who wants to have hair on their face when the sun is beating down on them?

More importantly: How is this hairstyle even achieved in the first place?

According to Allure, chin bangs are designed to serve as a better way to frame the length of one’s face. These bangs will stop just below the person’s chin. This is where the term “chin bangs” is derived from. From there, the newly framed pieces of hair will be curled up and coiled properly. This creates a truly beautiful, natural look, like in the Instagram photo below:

The beauty of chin bangs is that they look amazing on everyone. “The cut frames the face so well and allows you to add character and personality no matter what length,” Peter Thomsen explained to Allure. He works as a hairstylist and is also a global Dyson styling ambassador and educator. In other words, this Australia-based guru really knows his stuff.

“This trend is a safe segue into bangs if you’re feeling scared to take the plunge,” adds Sara Briscoe, who shows off the look on Instagram:

As a hairstylist at Roca Verde hair studio in Brisbane, Australia, she knows what she is talking about. The style is a great choice for anyone who is looking for something that is a bit more low maintenance as well.

“The bangs are easy to get into a ponytail or bun if you’re not feeling the. It’s super beautiful and has a touch of Bardot,” Briscoe continues. “Chin bangs are typically thicker and more disconnected than layers,” Briscoe concludes. “It’s designed to basically look as though you have grown out a curtain bang.”

There you have it! What do you think of this hairstyle? Is it something that you would consider?