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If you happen to be somebody who loves the great outdoors and find yourself out hiking as much as possible, you are halfway to being perfect for perhaps one of the best jobs that has been offered in quite some time. It is a job offered by Anheuser-Busch brewery, known as the “Chief Hiking Officer.” Oh, did we mention that you also have to enjoy drinking beer?

Devils Backbone Brewery is a brewery located in Virginia and is owned by Anheuser-Busch. It is also located at mile marker 842 on the Appalachian Trail. The Devils Backbone area inspired the position, according to Food & Wine.

If you are selected for the position, you would receive a paycheck for hiking the Appalachian Trail through 14 states. It would cover half of the year 2021 and the hike would begin on March 1. As the Chief Hiking Officer, you would receive the airfare to get to the starting point as well as the necessary gear for the hike. You will also be required to attend certain beer parties hosted by Anheuser-Busch along the way. A $20,000 stipend will also be yours for the taking.

Photo: Pixabay

At first glance, you might think that this is the perfect job but the selection process is not an easy thing to get through. It requires a four-part selection process to ensure that whoever is hired is actually qualified and up for the challenge. If you feel that you are ready, you can submit your application on the Devils Backbone website.

When you fill out the application, you will have to go through a written portion and upload a 60-second video in order to discuss why you feel that the job is right for you. You also need to talk about the adventure and wilderness experience you have under your belt. There are a number of rounds of applications being accepted but the first is available through July 31.

It is more than being experienced in hiking and being able to handle that part of the job. You also need to document your journey on social media. Applicants have to be residents of Washington D.C., Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, or West Virginia and be at least 21 years old.

When the first round of applications is completed, you will be judged by a panel for the opportunity to move forward. At that point, you will be provided an assignment of unknown origin and receive a background check and interview. Only after all of that has taken place will a finalist be chosen. More information and the terms of the contest are located on the Devils Backbone Brewery site.

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