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7) In-wall Ironing Boards

As a modern convenience, many older homes and apartments has in-wall ironing boards. It’s funny to think of today since many people never iron at all anymore. But, back in the day these little ironing closets saved on space and kept things looking tidy since one needed to iron quite a lot to maintain a suitable wardrobe. Today many people either turn them into spice cabinets or paint them shut.

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6) Breadboards

These old-fashioned cutting boards were used for kneading and slicing bread: something most people today never never do! The kitchen below also has an in-wall ironing board. Lucky!

Via/ Library of Congress

5) Witch Windows

These windows are mostly found along the East Coast, and almost never on new homes. The name comes from the idea that witches, when flying, would try to come into your house at the the upper levels. Windows on an angle were supposedly impenetrable from witches, either because they couldn’t or wouldn’t fly in at an angle. However, another motive might have just been frugality since these windows don’t require the wall be built around them. This type of window is also called a Vermont window.

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4) Built-in Cold Closets and Ice Boxes

Absolutely tiny by today’s standards, these little built-ins were once state of the art technology for the modern lifestyle! Cold closets, while not refrigerators per say, did still keep things cool and kept out vermin.

Via/ Library of Congress

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3) Skeleton Key Locks with Beautiful Escutcheons

Long gone are the days of skeleton keys and beautiful old hardware, but occasionally you still find these lovely old fixtures in homes. The scrolling designs in metal are equally as lovely as the glass or ceramic knobs that went with this door hardware.

Via/ Flickr

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2) Built-in Drawers

In bathrooms, hallways, and dressing rooms, built-in drawers with storage above was once quite common. Every little feature that was part of the house cut down on the amount of furniture a family had to move in with, making these homes functional even without a wealth of furniture. And how convenient these drawers are even in the modern era!

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1) Sleeping Porches

With modern central air conditioning most homes are not built with these airy porches attached, especially not on the second or third floors. Sleeping porches (even with glass windows) can be mighty drafty in the winter time, but in summer what a treat to sleep with the breeze on your skin!

Via/ Flickr
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