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Halloween is quickly approaching. While we’re still experiencing a global pandemic, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still get dressed up and celebrate the start of the holiday season – even if it’s from the comfort and safety of our home. For those of us who have kids, Halloween means having to come up with ideas for costumes.

While going to the store and buying a costume is usually the most economical option in terms of time, there isn’t a lot of variety. Most grab-and-go costumes that you find at the store are limited in terms of costume choices. So if you want something specific, chances are you’re either going to have to spend a lot of money for a custom-made custom, or you’re going to have make it yourself.

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But luckily for the DIY-lovers, there is a relatively inexpensive way of creating cool costumes at home. And the main material is cardboard! Using cardboard, spray paint, and a few other items that can be found at home, John Gleeson Connolly from Apartment Therapy created a tutorial of how to create kids costumes.

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