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I think that all of us have become accustomed to hearing about food shortages, thanks to the pandemic. Canned pumpkin purée seems to be the latest on the list, and you may be panicking now that Thanksgiving is on the horizon. It’s not difficult to believe that the coronavirus pandemic has caused such an interruption in the food supply – but don’t panic, all is well.

A statement was issued by Libby’s Pumpkin via an Instagram post after hearing people panicking about the possibility of a canned pumpkin shortage. They said that there was a slight delay in the harvest this year but it is all about timing when picking pumpkins. There may be a slight wait, but they say it is going to be well worth it!

They also had some additional good news that many places that are seeing a shortage in supply would soon be restocked. “We’re excited to report that this season’s pumpkin will be on shelves starting in mid-October-a little later than we wanted but in plenty of time for the holiday,” according to their post.

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Keep calm and pumpkin on! 🧡

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In addition, AllRecipes was told that the pumpkin shortage does not exist and the crop appears to be right in line with what it typically is. A “rain delay” may have taken place when the pumpkins were planted. If there is a shortage of canned pumpkin at stores right now, it may be because people are still hoarding and stress baking.

There is nothing like good news, and it seems as if Libby’s just gave it to us in full measure.

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