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Aromatherapy enthusiasts need to be paying close attention to this story, as it just might save them from having a host of problems to deal with.

@rachelgray.ok is the TikTok user who is issuing the warning and we urge all of our readers to take a closer look. She made an honest mistake and now she is going to be paying for it dearly.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Can you believe that she managed to destroy her television screen with a burning candle? Yes, it is true. “I’ve ruined our tv fml,” she wrote in her video’s caption — making sure to add, “Don’t put a candle under your TV.”

The candle was situated beneath the television, which had been mounted to the wall. She also takes the time to show us the mark that the candle left behind.

Photo: TikTok/@rachelgray.ok

So how does this even happen? As it turns out, the explanation is a bit simpler than you might think. After one viewer told her that she had been careless to allow this to happen, she let them know that she was “sleep deprived” at the time. We all know how that goes. It is easy to make the sort of errors that you would not normally make under these types of circumstances.

“Good information, but I do not understand how people don’t think about simple things these days??” they wrote. There was a lot of judgement in the comments, as people lined up to wag their finger at the woman for making such an avoidable mistake. “How are folk actually not figuring this out without stupidly doing it in the first place,” asked one viewer.

Photo: TikTok/@rachelgray.ok

Meanwhile, there were others who were happy to share the misadventures that they had when it comes to candle placement.

“Sadly I had this [you] live and learn experience too,” another weighed in. If nothing else, this video made some people take a quick moment to think about where they are placing their candles going forward.


I’ve ruined our tv fml #fyp

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If you are anything like us, you cannot believe that she would do something this silly but things happen. At least she was willing to share her experiences so that others might be able to avoid going through the same thing later on. There are a lot of people out there who probably would have decided to take this one to the grave!

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