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I love scented candles! Personally, my favorites are anything floral – rose and gardenia being my two all-time favorites – or citrus scents. I also really enjoy ocean scents but it depends. I’m sure many of us enjoy scented candles for a variety of reasons.

There is something about the smell that is a particularly powerful evoker of emotions. For me, my preferred scented candles remind me of certain happy memories from my past and put me in a good mood to write.

Photo: Pixabay/Tina Designs

But everyone is different and if you are someone that loves the smell of a chicken soup simmering on the stove, then Campbell’s has got a product for you!

Now you don’t have to actually cook in order to get the same smell. Campbells is now expanding into the fragrance market with two new scented candles that are inspired by their two most popular canned goods.


The new candles are a collaboration between Campbell and CAMP. From it, we’re getting Chicken Noodle Soup and Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese candles.

The wax for the chicken soup one is infused with the smells of chicken, crackers, and cloves. Meanwhile, if you’re more a fan of tomato soup and grilled cheese, then get ready because this candle comes with hints of peppercorn, cheese, and roasted tomato.


The products are already showing that they’ll be quite popular as they’ve already sold out on CAMP’s website. But don’t worry, you can still sign up to receive updates on potential restocks by just clicking the “Join the List to Stay Up to Date” button on theproduct page.

What do you think of these new scents from Campbell’s? Is this something that you’ll be trying? Let us know!

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