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For those of us who love to bake, we’ve probably accumulated a fair bit of baking paraphernalia – especially the better we get at it. Yes, we may have cupcake tins and cake tins, but how about the cool-shaped tins? I’m sure it’s safe to assume that there are a few of us who have more than one heart-shaped baking tin or several animal-shaped baking tins.

As much as we might like collecting baking tins and other items that make fun shapes, it can get difficult to find room for all of these items in our kitchens. After a certain number, it starts to feel like a dangerous fame of Tetris every time we open our kitchen cupboards. But now there is a brilliant product that could save you money, cabinet space, and hours of stress. These “cake shapers” are an easy online purchase that can help you make any shaped cake you could dream of.

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If you want a heart, you can just assemble it. If you want a round or a square cake, just choose your shape. These tins are basically like the Lego version of baking apparatuses and we want them so bad. The cake shapers come in sets of four flexible pieces that you can bend and interlock into whatever shape you need. Once you get the shape you want, all you need to do is place the cake mold onto a prepped baking sheet and then pour in the batter before cooking.

These shapers are heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, they’re 100% leak-proof so one less thing to stress about – no sticky and messy oven surprises there. And as photos have shown, people have gotten quite creative with these shapers. There have been people who’ve created hearts, butterflies, raindrops, bowties, and snowmen – the possibilities are endless. And similar to Legos, you can just keep adding pieces. You can easily buy more sets of four and continuously grow your shapers into larger molds. That means you can make large and intricate cakes.

So, if you’re big into baking, why not declutter your drawers a bit? You can order your own cake shapers here.

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