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A moment of heroism can happen at any time or anywhere.

The thing is, anyone is capable of heroism, it’s not just something that is reserved for superheroes in movies or TV shows.

Photo: Facebook/Tecumseh Local Schools

One bus driver in Ohio is now being lauded as a hero for her quick thinking that saved a student from a potential disaster.

The student in question was in danger of getting hit by an oncoming car, but luckily, the bus driver was able to intervene.

Photo: Facebook/Tecumseh Local Schools

The Tecumseh Local Schools uploaded and shared the video of the heroic bus driver as she stopped the student from getting hit by a passing car.

In the video, the bus driver is going about her routine, letting students off at the drop-off. However, before one student can get off the bus, there is an oncoming car that is trying to pass around the bus to the right.

Photo: Facebook/Tecumseh Local Schools

Noticing this, the bus driver reacts quickly, grabbing the student by his backpack and shouting, “No! Stay!”

Quite lucky that the bus driver was able to keep an accident from happening!

Watch the video below:

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