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Cake Anything’s Lara Mason has some of the most beautiful cakes that we have ever seen. If you have never seen these cakes before, this is your chance to have your breath taken away.

You may think that we are exaggerating but once you see them for yourself? You’re going to see why we are so smitten with Mason’s confections. Of course, the expert baker has her own TikTok page, where you can truly appreciate what she has to offer.

Photo: TikTok/@lara_cakeanything

Best of all, Mason is even willing to take requests! Some of these requests are rather unusual and that’s why she posts the clips on TikTok. Otherwise, we would understand why no one is willing to believe her.

Recently, she was contacted by a dog parent. They have a bulldog named Dave and they wanted to make sure that their pup was able to ring in his big day in style.

Photo: TikTok/@lara_cakeanything

Lara was asked if she could make a realistic dog cake, with all of the flourishes that you might expect. This is not a common request but Lara is not a common baker. As a dog lover, she was more than happy to rise to the challenge but there were a few points that she needed to confirm before she would be able to get started.

For example, Dave is neutered, so she needed to know whether the cake was supposed to be anatomically correct. The clip highlights some of the funnier moments during the making of this cake and Lara’s sense of humor shines through. The dog cake that she came up with is so realistic, you will be blown away, we promise.

Photo: TikTok/@lara_cakeanything

The TikTok clip of the birthday cake is an absolute must-see. We never thought that we would be jealous of a dog’s birthday cake but here we are.

Check out the video below:


Happy birthday Dave hope you love your cake! #laramason #cakeanything @davethebulldogofficial

♬ Heartbreak Anthem – Galantis & David Guetta & Little Mix

If you would like to see the cake without the intro from Lara, there is also a YouTube version that you are more than welcome to check out as well:

How incredible is that?