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A chicken nugget from McDonald’s recently sold for $99,997 on eBay. The reason? It’s shaped like a character from the game “Among Us.”

The initial eBay listing was made towards the end of May. The bidding started at a mere 99 cents. It did not take long before the numbers started to skyrocket.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

By the time the dust settled, 45 bidders had submitted 185 bids. Now that it has been sold, it is time to take stock of what just happened.

The rare nugget is going to be shipped off to the highest bidder but not before the necessary precautions are finally taken. It’s not like you can stick a McNugget in a typical Ziploc bag and then hope for the best. There are special steps that have to be taken to ensure maximum freshness.

Photo: Pixabay/Ali Uyar

In fact, the winning bidder’s nugget is going to be sent in a manner that is befitting of such an expensive purchase. The McNugget is slated to be frozen and air sealed “to ensure freshness” via secure USPS First Class shipping.

Photo: flickr/Link576

Incredibly, a second Among Us Crewmate McNugget was found and it also sold on eBay for a high price tag, though not nearly as much as the first. With four bidders and 23 bids, the nugget was sold for $13,933.15.

Maybe we should go into the McNugget making business.

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