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It’s officially the holidays! A time to drink, eat and receive hundreds of holiday cards from family and friends.

I personally look forward to getting cards from everyone and seeing how everyone has grown over the past year.

Some families even go as far as to humbly brag about their child’s accomplishments. I think this can be a bit annoying but to each their own I guess.

What if your child isn’t really crushing life that year? What are you supposed to put? Jack got 3 Fs and 2 Ds on his report card and didn’t make the football team?

PNWndn via Reddit

One mom named Lisa Allen was having writer’s block and decided to have a little fun this Christmas. With three kids ages 3, 9 and 18, she wanted to be brutally honest and it was hilarious!

The card wasn’t written to rip her children, but more as a way to find humor in what most people take extremely serious. We also commend her on her honesty.

Are you the type of person that writes out your children’s accomplishments or do you just send a standard photo collage?

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