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Ask anyone who has ever planned a wedding and they will tell you, it is one of life’s more stressful moments. We want everything to be perfect, from the choice of flowers to the walk down the aisle. It is even more stressful, however, when there is a pandemic raging and all of us are facing that stress right now.

That is where Deux Aubrey comes in. She is a bride-to-be and she went on Facebook recently to share her disappointment in the wedding dress she selected. More specifically, she was admitting to some issues that were completely self-inflicted and she wanted to give the online world a little chuckle in the process. It seems as if she ordered her wedding dress through the mail, but it wasn’t anything like she anticipated.

The Facebook post has gone viral, and you can see why. It seems as if she was upset and sent an email to the company and then goes on to give a larger explanation.

She was upset when her wedding dress came in two weeks prior to the post so she sent an angry email to the company because she wanted to return it. She took pictures of the dress as she was wearing it, complaining that he did not look like the picture.

That is when she received a response from the company. They said: “You put the dress on inside out, please put it on the right way.

It seems as if she was unaware that they shipped wedding dresses inside out on purpose. When she wore it properly, it was beautiful. You might chalk this up to common sense, but when you are dealing with the stress of a wedding during the pandemic, I think some leniency is in order.

She said she was sure they weren’t very appreciative of her angry email but I can only imagine how much laughing was taking place at their office.

She also said how the mistake was made, explaining: “No sleep (16-24 hour shifts for a living), finals week, husband laced me up and was upset also with the look of it, in a rush between jobs, skepticism with the company to begin with, anger at ordering online as opposed to shut down dress shops during a pandemic, stress of wedding and pandemic in general…”

I guess to top off her stress over the wedding and the pandemic, she also had the stress of being a nurse. In the end, she was happy with her purchase, providing she wore it properly.

Two weeks ago my wedding dress came in. I was really upset about the looks of it and sent an angry (okay, more like…

Posted by Deux Aubrey on Wednesday, November 4, 2020

She made the Facebook post in the hopes that it would help people to smile during a difficult time. She also wanted brides who ordered mail order wedding dresses to take a deep breath and turn the dress right side out before putting it on.

She is also planning on taking a picture of herself and she walks down the aisle, but until that time, she says: “You can cry about the disasters and imperfect moments that hit us when we least expect them, or you can laugh into forever.”

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