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There is nothing quite like the imagination of a young child. That is especially evident when you see what an 8-year-old boy in Massachusetts was able to do.

He wanted to do something for the community and he happened to have a vacant lot nearby. CBS Boston reports that the combination of the two really turned into something amazing.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The story was also picked up by The Boston Globe. They talked about some of the different things that were in this miniature village that was built on the vacant lot. It includes plenty of amenities, such as a hospital, a place to go ice skating, and even a library.

Everything is miniature enough for elves, so it’s not something that human-sized people can get in on. Regardless, it’s bringing joy to the neighborhood and turning something drab and dreary as the vacant lot into a spot of Christmas magic.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Boston

The young boy’s father had the following to say about his son and the efforts he made: “Our son saw the elves and the elves asked for help making houses, and so we started building houses.”

The boy began the project sometime in August. Once neighbors saw what was going on, they began to add to it secretly.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Boston
Photo: YouTube/CBS Boston

The young boy and his parents decided to remain anonymous so that the mystery would stay intact. The mother did have the following to say to the news outlet: “We love the fact that other people are adding stuff and feel like this is something they can take part in too. It’s not just for our family, but it’s for the entire community to enjoy and add onto.”

Watch the video below to see Elfland for yourself!