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This little boy has three sisters and while some little boys might not be nice to their siblings, this young man is a true gem.

You are never too young to learn how to treat women nicely and this little boy is a shining example of that. The video of his touching gesture has gone viral, for obvious reasons. Whose heart would not be warmed by this?

Photo: Instagram/vivienneandfrancesca

Big brother is seen giving out flowers to his three little sisters, who are clearly very happy about the treatment that they are getting. It’s a good lesson for all of us, regardless of our age group. It feels good to treat other people nicely and most importantly of all, kindness does not have to cost a thing. It is the little things that count!

This is one of the cutest posts that we have seen on Instagram in some time. The comments definitely seem to back us up on this one, too.

Photo: Instagram/vivienneandfrancesca

“And the big sister showed the way of how to appreciate/reciprocate big brother’s love,” said one commentator. We certainly agree with this assessment. After all, these are the types of habits that are instilled in the home.

In a world that can be so cold at times, the last thing that anyone needs is to come to rude siblings. That’s why we love to see videos like this one. When older siblings show us the way, we have no choice but to follow in their footsteps. Of course, this little boy was not thinking about that when he decided to pass out the flowers.

Photo: Instagram/vivienneandfrancesca

It’s just an enjoyable side effect. Another reply remarked on the boy’s readiness to be a husband and father. That may be jumping the gun a bit but we can see where they are coming from 100 percent. It is always nice to see young men displaying the traits that will make them awesome caretakers in the future.

Check out the sweet video below: