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Sirine Jahangir has not had a life like most children. She’s been writing, singing and performing ever since she was small. This is despite the fact that she lost her vision by the time she was just 5 years old.

We cannot begin to imagine how difficult this experience was for her but she has done her best to persevere. She refers to her musical talent as a way for her to get through life, as opposed to an escape.

Photo: YouTube/Britan’s Got Talent

Her passion for music got her through some very tough times in life, though. By the time she was 14, it had even led her to the Britain’s Got Talent stage.

Once she was given the chance to perform for these judges, it was not long before they were totally blown away. Spoiler alert: You are absolutely going to be blown away as well.

Photo: YouTube/Britan’s Got Talent

It’s hard not to be, we’re just saying. Sirine has resigned herself to a life of blindness, as her parents’ attempts at securing treatment have been unsuccessful so far. They have not yet been able to restore her sight and their hopes of doing so have started to dwindle. Doctors have done their best to help her out but to no avail. Still, she maintains a positive demeanor.

It shines through in the music, of course. That’s what makes this performance such a special one. It is the outpouring of everything that she has been through and anyone who cannot feel this one in their souls should watch it a second time. We have already done just that, if we are being honest. We will be more than happy to watch it again and again as well.

Photo: YouTube/Britan’s Got Talent

In fact, we are going to have it bookmarked so that we can go back to it as often as we like. With any luck, this will be the beginning of Sirine’s musical journey. She clearly has a lot to say and we look forward to hearing her express herself through music for years to come.

Once you have had the chance to see this one for yourself, you will see exactly what we are talking about.