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When we stop to think about potential Christmas decor, balloons are usually not the first thing that comes to mind. In most instances, they are typically associated with birthday celebrations and New Year’s parties. However, there are some people out there who have discovered just how wonderful they can be when it comes time to get ready for the holidays.

These brilliant additions are sure to brighten up any holiday scheme that you can think of. TikTok user @Chloeduya shared the hack with TikTok after she was suffering through a common problem: She could not find enough large, white ornaments for her tree.

Photo: TikTok / chloeduya

The solution? Replace the large, white ornaments with balloons. The balloons are absolutely perfect and go with the snowflakes. The ribbon and lights that she chose are great as well. “When you can’t find any large white ornaments anywhere,” reads the caption of her video.

While avoiding unnecessary shopping trips is always a wonderful incentive, others have pointed out another key reason to rely on these “ornaments” instead of a more traditional option: They don’t shatter. Anyone who has kids or cats knows just how breakable the glass ornaments are. Not only are they expensive to replace, but their shattering could cause someone to get hurt as well.


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There are others who also recommend adding sparkles to the balloons, for some added aesthetic appeal. Hair spray and glitter are your best bets to make this happen!

What do you think of the balloon ornaments? Could you tell they weren’t “real” ornaments?