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I think that all of us have heard at least one disgusting story about food. Perhaps we have even been an unfortunate victim and have a story of our own.

Although that may be true, you will have a difficult time beating what Martin Ford has to say. The 54-year-old man loved baked beans but when he opened a can of Branston Baked Beans for dinner, he was shocked to discover something inside of it.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures

According to the New York Post, it wasn’t beans that got his attention, it was the fact that there was an eyeball in the can!

The can had been purchased as part of a multi-pack at a Tesco in Plymouth, Devon, UK. When the construction worker was hungry for dinner, he poured himself a bowl of warm baked beans but he scooped out an eyeball from the bowl.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In speaking with The Sun, he said that he nearly fainted and has felt sick ever since he saw it. He also admits that he has a strong stomach but after that episode, he’s not sure if he’ll ever be able to enjoy his beloved baked beans again.

He described the event in this way: “Iā€™d had a hard day at work and was desperate for a quick dinner. Beans are my go-to so I quickly whacked a tin open, poured it into a bowl and put it straight on the hob.ā€

Photo: Pixabay/Stefano Ferrario

After grabbing a fork and starting to eat, he saw there was an eye staring at him through the beans.

When the company was pressed for an explanation, they claimed it was mold. According to The Sun, a spokesman from the company said: “The photograph would appear to show mold that will have developed due to a small perforation that has allowed air to enter.”

They said that it was rare for anything like this to happen and they apologized that it happened to him. They promised to contact him for an investigation.

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