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Kids are cute, and as they grow up, they can be quite talkative.

However, there is a time before they can fully speak that is just so adorable because they’re basically having a conversation with you, but it’s not actually words.

Photo: YouTube/Newsflare

My little godson is actually in that stage where he’s just making noises, but it’s so cute to watch him “talk.”

One set of parents managed to capture a rather adorable conversation that their daughter was having with her dad.

Photo: YouTube/Newsflare

The little girl, Eryn, was having a full-blown “conversation” with her dad as he sat in the living room. Eryn was very expressive both with her voice inflections and her hand gestures.

However, no one really could understand what she was saying, because it was just baby noises that were coming out. Still, it’s clear that she’s going to grow up to be quite the little orator.

Photo: YouTube/Newsflare

Wonder what tales she’ll be telling once she’s figured out words.

Watch the whole conversation take place in the video down below:

What do you think of little Eryn? What adorable habits did your kids do when they were babies? Let us know!