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Everyone does parenting differently. However, there can be such as thing as “bad parenting” and that is what people have deemed one mother’s actions after a photo went viral of a baby strapped to the back of a barstool.

It all started when a woman walked into a bar while her baby was in one of those wearable baby carriers. She sat at the bar and decided to get creative with where to put her baby. She ended up slinging her baby, who was still in the carrier, over the back of the barstool like a handbag.

Photo: Reddit / u/RaveenaiWilkes

Someone nearby then took a photo of the baby with its face smushed against the barstool. And after posting it to Reddit, the comments quickly came flooding in.

Check out the photo below:

Photo: Reddit /u/RaveenaiWilkes

One person voiced concern that the harness, which is meant to go over a person’s arms, could easily slip off the back of the chair – which would obviously spell disaster for the child.

Someone else called it “disgusting,” citing that the baby is “an actual human being” who shouldn’t have its face smashed into the back of a “nasty chair.”

Photo: Reddit

While many comments were criticizing the barstool incident, there were many people who didn’t see a problem with it. One person wrote, “As a father I feel like if that baby is asleep I would do the same thing and enjoy my beer. Why would I mess with a good situation.” Some people were even joking that the mom was probably just excited about being able to drink again after 9 months, with one person saying, “Quiet now… Momma is workin’ on getting us a new Daddy.”

What do you think about the situation? Do you find it funny or do you think it’s downright bad parenting? Let us know!

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