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This story originally appeared at American Web Media.

Everyone knows not to leave kids in cars alone. This wisdom extends to animals, too, especially on hot days, but this common courtesy is oftentimes ignored.

Even so, one man still decided to leave his Boxer in the car while he ran to do a quick errand. And the dog –as you can see in the following video — wasn’t going to just sit back and let that happen.

Boxers are big, energetic dogs, which makes them especially loath to be locked up in small places. They’re also smart animals. It was only a matter of time before this clever canine found the horn.

The dog’s human dad apparently cracked the window and left the air conditioning running, but even these measures won’t keep your pooch safe, especially on very hot days.

The Boxer was similarly unimpressed with his owner’s questionable logic. When Dad takes too long to return, the dog doesn’t think twice about leaning on the horn.

As you might expect, nearby drivers were somewhat surprised, especially because this dog looked so at ease behind the wheel. As you can see in the following video, which has quickly gone viral, the dog is casually seated up front with his paw on the horn.

Fortunately, one bystander rushed forward to capture this viral moment on film. And the dog’s properly chastised father wasn’t far behind. We sincerely hope this is the final time he makes the poor decision to leave his dog behind.

Watch this dog’s adorable reaction in the video below!