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When it comes to clocks, there is no shortage of innovations that have already taken place. We would have figured that there were no other moves to make at this point. Haven’t we already done everything that we could possibly do with these contraptions? As it turns out, there are new and interesting innovations that we never could have possibly considered….before now.

Those who are looking to add a little bit of literary pizzazz to their bedrooms would do well to check this one out. Mechanical Design Labs has a brand new campaign on Kickstarter that just might change the appearance of your bedroom or office. Instead of showing you the time in the usual fashion, this clock has a unique twist to offer us all.

Photo: Kickstarter

Classic book quotes are used to show you the time, as the Author Clock makers have gathered up over 2,000 quotes from six centuries’ worth of authors.

Let’s say that you are looking up at the clock at midnight. You would be greeted by the following quote from Hamlet: “Tis now struck twelve: get thee to bed, Francisco.” The quote at 11:00? “It was eleven o’clock and the unused hour was fresh as if issued to children on a beach.” Those who read Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway are sure to remember that one.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

These lines arrive at every single minute of the day. You’ll get to enjoy deep cuts from Sherlock Holmes books and lines from all of the literary classics that you know and love. The Great Gatsby, David Copperfield, and many other selections are well represented here.

These clocks come with a charging port and are made of white oak wood. There’s even a brass knob located on the side of the clock. This knob gives you the chance to customize a variety of different settings. You can change the time, the font, and you’ll also be able to omit the quotes that contain profanity if you so choose.

Photo: Kickstarter

We are happy to report that the Kickstarter account has already taken in nearly $750K, shattering the original goal of $20,000. However, there are still ways to show support for the project. You can still order an early-bird clock at the time of this writing on the Kickstarter site. Orders are expected to be delivered in April 2022.

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