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Many people have enjoyed drinking an adult beverage when flying in the past but they may have to opt for another choice. A number of airlines are pausing alcohol services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing is not always easy on flights so they are attempting to limit the interaction of passengers with flight attendants. They are also trying to encourage customers to wear masks whenever possible, and it is hard to do so when drinking.

A number of airlines were included according to CNN, such as Easyjet, KLM, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Virgin Australia. CBS is also confirming that Southwest Airlines and JetBlue are not serving alcohol at this time as well on certain flights.

The service of alcohol on American Airlines has stopped on aircraft main cabins on all flights, although they are still allowing it on some long-haul international flights. FirstClass will have to request alcohol if they want it.

Delta Airlines will not be serving alcohol on flights to Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America, regardless of whether you are flying coach, business, or first class. They will be serving alcohol on international flights, according to CNN. Another option is to bring your own nonalcoholic drinks or snacks on board.

Southwest Airlines will not be serving food or beverages on flights if they are less than 250 miles. Water with straws and snack mix will be available on most flights over 250 miles.

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JetBlue is reporting that pre-sealed bags containing water and two snacks will be served and they will also be serving individual containers of wine and beer and pre-sealed metal boxes to customers. Something similar is being done by KLM Airlines in the Netherlands where they leave snacks at the seat. You can request additional water or soda.

Although most airlines have halted the service of alcohol for now, United Airlines appears that they will still be doing it on the majority of their flights according to the Washington Post. The airline is reporting that they will “only serve sealed beverages and we will no longer offer ice, coffee and tea service, and poured alcohol.” Prepackaged snack bags will be available on some flights and customers will be allowed to bring their own snacks.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change our lives and the guidelines do change from time to time. It is always best to check with the airline before traveling if you have any questions.

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