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When we live in a home for any length of time, we think that we know what is within the walls. Every once in a while, however, we may get a surprise and that is what one Reddit user was in for.

After climbing through a “small square hole” in the attic, they were able to discover an entire apartment and they had no idea it existed.

There’s a house in my attic… from interestingasfuck

A number of pictures were shared of the “creepy” apartment. I would say that is the right word to describe it because it is nothing short of horrifying.

The Reddit user, who goes by the name of u/CatchingWindows, posted: “There’s a house in my attic…”

More than 19,000 people have up-voted the post since it was put online.

Photo: imgur/FuqAlunchLine

There was some old junk inside the apartment, such as a hat, toilet, tire, and sink. Considering the fact that it was hidden for so long, there were also plenty of spiders and “lots of dirt.”

It seems as if the home was converted from an old church and prior to being a church, it was a store. He went on to explain that the owners lived upstairs.

Photo: imgur/FuqAlunchLine

In a comment, CatchingWindows said: “I’m guessing the church owners didn’t want to bother with knocking it down so they just built around it.”

As you can imagine, there were plenty of people who were disturbed by what they saw. There were also some who pointed out that there was an attic inside of this little apartment, and it is something that he hadn’t checked into yet.

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