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Nostalgia is one of the most powerful marketing forces that we are currently contending with. Whether one of our favorite movies is being remade or we are enduring the umpteenth sample of a ’90s rap classic on the radio, we are always under siege.

In addition to being a very powerful drug, nostalgia can also be a very expensive vice. TheToyZone, a popular toy review and recommendations site, compiled an interactive guide that showcases some of the most popular toys and games from the ’90s and how much you can fetch for each of them on the open market. Prices were picked up from Mavin, a collectibles aggregator site.

Photo: flickr/Elizabeth K. Joseph

When it comes to the Beanie Babies, they make up 90% of the entire list and hold hefty price tags. If you happen to have a Rainbow the Chameleon on hand, it could be worth around $50,000.

Photo: flickr/Dominique Godbout

The sole item in the top 10 that is not a part of the Beanie Baby family actually belongs to the Nintendo 64 clan. If you are an avid N64 fan like we are, you are probably not going to be surprised by this one at all. The crown jewel of this gaming system was obviously Goldeneye 007. This game goes for a cool $14,999!

Photo: flickr/kalebdf

Now if you’ll excuse us, it is time to start rummaging in our attic….