9 Polish Recipes You Need to Try

Hearty and comforting, these are our favorites!

Classic Pierogi

Mmmmmm, Pierogi. These lovely little Polish dumplings are a mainstay of traditional Polish cuisine and we hope it always stays that way. Heavenly little pillows of dough lovingly stuffed with cheese, potatoes, meat or even sauerkraut, they’re versatile and totally delicious. Our easy recipe here is for a potato and cheese version that you’ll be making again and again. Click here for the recipe.

Classic Kielbasa and Onions

There are countless varieties of Polish Kielbasa – smoked or fresh, made with pork, beef, or veal, heavy on garlic, or full of caraway – but this traditional sausage is well loved throughout Poland for good reason. Savory and delicious, we love it cooked up simply like this with some sweet onions. (And a side of sauerkraut never hurts.) Get the easy recipe here!

Poppy Seed Roll

Makowiec (mah-KOH-vyets) is a sweet poppy seed roll or strudel that’s found throughout Poland, especially around Christmas. Made with a yeast dough and filled with a bright lemon and poppy seed filling, it’s a dessert we absolutely love. Get the full recipe here!