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8. Hot Wheels


You really can’t go wrong with a toy car. It’s a classic and always will be. These mini versions of the ever popular Hot Wheels cars were a huge hit with kids and adults alike. If you have a few of these around the house, they might not bring in a ton of cash, but they’ll go for about $8 on eBay, which more than paid for the Happy Meal you got them in!

7. Power Rangers


Go, go Power Rangers! These toys were from the popular TV show brought to America from Japan in 1993. Each toy came with the Power Ranger in their colored suit, as well as the character’s Ninjazord – the animal or automobile that the character transformed into. Another two for one special in the McDonald’s Happy Meal world, win-win! These toys are going on eBay for about $35. Not bad for a cheesy 90s show!

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