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It seems like being graceful came naturally to them, but really our mothers followed some simple tips to get an effortless look of beauty. Whether they were dressed up for a party or wearing a simple cotton dress, there was always an air of elegance around them. They knew how to make the most of the simple cosmetics and accessories they had.

4) Hi-Shine

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They told us to always keep our shoes shined. Even old shoes deserve a nice spruce up!

3) Don’t Go Overboard

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A few nice matched sets of necklaces and earrings and couple of brooches are all you really need. And you definitely need a string of pearls!

2) Always Be Ladylike

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Be modest but attractive. They taught us that the two absolutely can go together beautifully.

1) There’s No Substitute

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They always said a smile is your best accessory. And they were right, too. Nothing makes you look or feel better!

Whatever beauty wisdom your mother or grandmother imparted to you, it seems like much if it is still just a valuable today as it was back then. And who better to have taught us about beauty than the most beautiful women in our lives?

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