7 Fab Freebies From the Old Days

If you grew up with wheat pattern dishes or jelly jar glasses then you already know!

4) Golden Wheat Dishes

This promo is quite possibly our favorite of all time! The classic Golden Wheat pattern dishes and glasses were always in the cupboard growing up. Rimmed in gold, these classic dishes were a perfect nod to the past in Mid-century style. The matching glasses were clear with gold chaffs of wheat on them. The items came in Duz laundry soap and the pattern was in production from Homer Laughlin (the same maker of Fiestware) from 1949-1966. Because they were in production for so long they don’t command big prices. However, they will always have a special place at the table for many of us.

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3) Breeze Washcloths

We remember a time when Cannon was a really trusted name in linens. Far cheaper to pack and much less breakable than dishes and glasses, it’s a wonder that more freebies weren’t fabric items like the one below.

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2) Big Top Peanut Butter Tumblers

Another packer tumbler item, these glasses came filled with peanut butter! They were more like Collins glasses than the jelly jars and the patterns were so delightful. Other Big Top peanut butter promos were elegant faux cut glass, footed ice tea and juice glasses.

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1) Duz Glasses

Another hit from laundry soap, Duz, were their amber glasses. Much like a variety of other glasses in the same style, these tumblers had lovely designs on them. Amber glass was very popular in the 1960s and 1970s and these beauties were very on trend for the times. The smoky glass tumblers were also quite elegant!

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