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They were staples in our kitchens growing up. They were iconic designs that are often long forgotten these days. But, the “freebies” that were given out at movie theaters, in soap boxes, and via write-in programs are now worth some change- if you have the right stuff. These free gifts were offered in everything from cereal to soap and the quality was pretty darn good! Here are 7 of our favorite free promotional items from back in the day.

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7) 3-spout Measuring Cup

This Kellogg’s measuring cup from the 1930s can sell for between $20-$50 these days! It came in both pink and green glass and was a promo for their new-at-the-time cereal, All Bran. Other versions like this model were sold by Anchor Hocking and other companies during the decade, but this one has “Kellogg’s” marked clearly on the bottom.

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6) Jelly Jar Glasses

Jams, jellies, spreads, and other goodies came in lively little jars with flat edged tops. These were the perfect size for drinking out of once you had finished all the jam inside! Welches and Kraft were two of the most well known of the brands which offered these jelly jar glasses (or packer tumblers as they are also known). These little guys usually fetch only $5-10, but man are they cute!

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5) Aluminum Tumblers

Whether they came as a promo or you got some free Green Stamps for them, we can remember the lovely frostiness of these aluminum tumblers just like it was yesterday. The ultimate in “picnic ware” before plastics stole the show, these glasses were the epitome of futuristic and cool. They were often the most favored for giving to children since we couldn’t break them! There are a lot of remakes of these iconic metal glasses these days and prices can vary quite a bit.

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