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Apple Sauce Brownies

We love to try new variations of traditional recipes, especially when it comes to desserts. This brownie recipe really caught our eye because it replaces the oil found in other recipes with a secret ingredient we’d never thought of using before: unsweetened applesauce. Not only does this make the brownies a little lighter in calories, but even lighter in density, without compromising any moisture. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. Get the delicious recipe here!

Cream Chipped Beef

This was (and is) an easy recipe to make, consisting of only five ingredients! The chipped beef is cooked in a sauce that’s similar to béchamel and they each get something from the other–the salty meat flavors the sauce and the sauce gives moisture and creaminess to the meat. The perfect relationship. Creamed chipped beef is an American classic, and absolutely worth making from scratch! Get the classic recipe here!

Vinegar Pie

A vinegar pie is a recipe growing in popularity with other Depression-era baking recipes. We love the idea of using what you have in the pantry to whip up something wonderful, and when there isn’t much in the pantry, then a little imagination and creativity help to fill in the gaps. This pie comes in many forms, with different measurements and steps – some are baked, while some are refrigerated. We went with a baked version for our first go, and we loved it! Get the delicious recipe here!

BONUS: 10 Depression Era Hacks

We’ve all heard of things our folks did to save money over the years. Sometimes we don’t even think of these tips as “life hacks.” But, for Depression-era folks these tricks saved precious pennies on a regular basis. Have you ever had onion cough syrup? Or polished your furniture with lemon juice? See all of our depression era hacks here!

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