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I’ve got a treat for you today! Well, 5 treats, to be exact. These southern desserts are decadent, classy, and just what you need if you’re searching for a unique recipe. You know there will be plenty of butter, sugar, and all the good stuff. After all, they sure know how to make indulgent dishes in the south. Take a look at these over-the-top treats and get inspired to try one this week!

Southern Bourbon Cake

Close up side shot of bundt cake with icing dripping down

How does a buttery, pecan-studded cake that’s been both soaked in and topped with oaky bourbon sound? If you’re thinking positively irresistible, then you would be correct. This cake is the belle of any ball – it’s moist and just sweet enough with a buttery bourbon-laced bite that’s hard to get enough of. And while bundt cakes always feel like a special treat, this one especially does with its simple-to-make but slightly boozy glaze. Get the recipe here!

Southern Sunshine Cake

pineapple cake with Cool Whip frosting on a plate

Doesn’t this cake look absolutely mouthwatering? With crushed pineapple, vanilla pudding, sweetened coconut flakes, and crunchy pecans, it’s every bit as delicious as it appears. I normally prefer chocolate cake, but I can make an exception for this tasty Southern Sunshine cake. What I love the most about this recipe is that it all starts with a box cake mix. I’m all about using shortcuts in baking as long as I still get amazing results – and let me tell you, this cake is definitely amazing! Get the recipe here!

Southern Chocolate Cobbler

Bowl of chocolate cobbler and ice cream

When you think of cobbler, you probably think of bubbly saucy fruit topped with a sweet biscuity batter, so fudgy chocolate doesn’t immediately come to mind. But with its ooey-gooey molten bottom and cakey chocolate top, this old-fashioned Southern Chocolate Cobbler definitely fits the cobbler parameters. It’s a similar combination of textures, there’s just no fruit to be seen. Just oodles of rich chocolate, which is always good news. Get the recipe here!

Southern-Style Classic Carrot Cake

Side view of a slice of carrot cake
Old fashioned carrot cake inside

Apart from carrots, obviously, what goes into a southern-style carrot cake you ask? Well, we’re skipping the pineapple and coconut and sticking with raisins on the inside and walnuts on the outside. A balance of both worlds, if you will. What you can also count on to be delicious absolutely every time is the unparalleled frosting we use here. Yes, it’s a cream cheese frosting, but we add a secret ingredient into the mix that really takes things to the next level. Sour cream. Yep, it’s tangy and tart, and it adds the smoothest finish to the cream cheese – seriously, you’ll try it and be hooked from the get-go! Get the recipe here!

Southern-Style Caramel Cake

Slice of caramel cake being taken out of the whole cake.

If you grew up or have spent any time in the south, this caramel cake will look familiar to you – and will probably have you drooling if it’s left in your presence. A true southern-style caramel cake is made up of a moist, lightly sweetened yellow cake that tastes light and fluffy, but that really acts as more of a vehicle for getting the rich, delicious caramel icing into your mouth as quickly as possible. (If some of the caramel icing doesn’t even make it onto the cake, we understand, it’s truly very difficult to resist sneaking some before it even gets close to the cake.) Get the recipe here!

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