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Japanese scientists have come up with quite the innovation and we cannot stop laughing at their ingenuity.

Can you believe that these brilliant scientists managed to come up with a way to 3D print Waygu beef? It’s the type of sentence that you are going to have to read a few times before you can fathom it. Trust us on this one, though. A recent press release states that there is a team of researchers at Osaka University who are responsible for what has taken place here.


So how did they manage to carry out such a complex plan? As it turns out, the process is not nearly as involved as we thought that it would be. To get started, they took stem cells that were isolated from Wagyu cows. The scientists wanted to use 3D printing as a means of providing people with a better option (and a cruelty-free one!).

“Individual fibers including muscle, fat, or blood vessels were fabricated from these cells using bioprinting,” the statement reads. “The fibers were then arranged in 3D, following the histological structure, to reproduce the structure of the real Wagyu meat, which was finally sliced perpendicularly, in a similar way to the traditional Japanese candy Kintaro-ame.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This process made the reconstruction of the complex meat tissue structure possible in a customizable manner,” the scientists continued. As the senior author of this project, Michiya Matsusaki also provided some much-needed background.

Thanks to the efforts of these scientists, we just may be able to improve upon the meat itself, which is an amazing thing to read.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The fat and muscle content can be altered for the better, which could be revolutionary to the world of fine dining.

We can’t wait until this technology is available a larger consumer-levvel!

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