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Most of us struggle immensely to get rid of our clutter, for one reason or another. Now, this professional organizer is here to provide you with a valuable pointer that is sure to change your life.

According to this TikTok user, it will only take three seconds to follow her simple rule. The results that you are going to see as a result of her hack will be a sight to behold, though.

Photo: TikTok/@kayleenkellyorganize

Kayleen Kelly, who is known as @kayleenkellyorganize on TikTok, is the one who has passed this tip along. Once you have had the chance to see it for yourself, you are going to be forever in her debt.

She’s been working in the business for almost a decade now, so you know that she is going to have awesome pointers to offer.

Photo: TikTok/@kayleenkellyorganize

The video has gone viral and has already received over half a million views. Kayleen’s whole goal is to teach us how to make “quick and confident decisions” when it comes time to get rid of clutter. The example that she uses in the video is one that we are all surely going to be able to relate to. She grabs a pile of jeans and gets right down to business.

“All I want you to do, is you’re gonna make a decision on each pair,” Kelly says. “It’s either a yes, you keep it, or no, it goes. But if you hesitate [for more than three seconds], it’s an automatic keep.” For the pile of jeans, she advises that we make a pile for the “no” and a pile for the “yes.”

Photo: TikTok/@kayleenkellyorganize

“If you feel like you have to try them on before you decide, just put it in your ‘keep’ pile and we’ll circle back around,” she explains. Kayleen also elaborated on the rule when she spoke to the New York Post. “That is the key to making definitive decisions that you won’t regret,” she writes. “You have to see all of one category that you have in order to assess and know what you have and how much you want.”

All of this makes perfect sense to us and we are definitely going to be utilizing this rule in our household.


How to Declutter In 3 Seconds: Yes = Keep | No = Go | If You Hesitate For More Than 3 Seconds It’s An Automatic Keep!this technique allows you to make quick and confident decisions by being SEEING everything you have and making informed decisions without any fear of mistakes or regret. This technique gets you QUICK results by focusing on the things you DON’T care about purging instead of the things you do. Try it out! #howtodeclutter #declutterwithme #organizationtiktok #3secondruledeclutter #3secondrulekayleenkelly #kayleenkelly #core4method #adhdtips #adhdorganization #adhdinwomen #adhddecluttering #core4methodkayleenkelly #neurodivergenttips #neurodivergenttiktok #cleantok

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This is a rule that we could all stand to be following.