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There are many things that would be considered luxurious, but in some areas, space is the most luxurious commodity available. That includes New York City, where people are stacked on top of each other and even a little space has to go a long way.

That fact became more and more apparent after a viral video was posted to TikTok. It showed a New York City apartment and the view from the living room, which just so happened to be a shower!

Photo: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

After being posted online, well over 1 million people looked into it and were shocked at what they were seeing.

It was originally posted by a real estate agent, Claudia Degteva, who captioned it, “When you pay $2,200 [per month] and have to shower in the living room.”

Photo: TikTok/claudia_nycagent

We don’t know exactly where the apartment is located but we do recognize that it has a lot to offer. The living space is quite adequate and it has large windows that seem to overlook the street.

In the kitchen, you have enough storage and counter space to prepare a meal for the entire family. There also seems to be a bedroom behind the kitchen with an exposed brick wall, which is a nice touch.

Photo: TikTok/claudia_nycagent

Although it has a lot to offer, it was really the shower in the living room that grabbed the attention of so many. In the comments, some people were calling it appalling but others didn’t seem to mind.

Check out the video below:


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